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The central part of the slitting and rewinding machine is supplied with the most shaft for processing paper tubes. The front of the most shaft is mounted on the bottom with a group of bearings, and a block is put in within the middle of a group of bearings; a compression cylinder is put in close to



A Comprehensive Guide to Operating the Slitting Machine
The slitting machine stands as a crucial mechanical device in various industries, adept at transforming wide rolls of paper, mica tape, or film into multiple narrow-width materials. Its applications in papermaking, wire and cable, mica tape production, and printing and packaging sectors are indispen



Upkeep and Deviation Analysis of the Slitting and Rewinding Machine
Slitting and rewinding machine is an indispensable piece of equipment in various industries, including trade machinery, wire and cable, isinglass tape, and printing and packaging. Its proper maintenance and deviation analysis are crucial for ensuring its efficiency and longevity. Let's explore the u



Features And Precautions of Slitting Machine
The slitting machine is an essential piece of equipment in the production process, designed to trim and cut wide materials into various narrow-width coils as per different needs. It plays a crucial role in industries such as papermaking, packaging, and printing. Let's delve into the features and pre



Applicable Information And Features of Paper Slitting Machine
The incising machine, a vital asset in the papermaking, printing, and packaging industries, is designed to cut large rolls of paper, film, non-woven fabric, and other thin materials into smaller, specified rolls. Its applications extend to various sectors, making it an indispensable tool in both pro



Unlocking Precision in Ziplock Bag Production: Temperature Control Mastery
The ziplock bag-making machine is an engineering feat that harnesses the thermoplastic properties of plastic, utilizing a hot knife to induce a viscous flow state in the sealing area of the plastic film. The fusion of the upper and lower layers of plastic under pressure, followed by cooling, positio



Exploring the Cutting System of Plastic Bag Making Machine
The cutting system of the plastic bag making machine is a symphony of precision engineering, ensuring that every bag produced is up to the highest standards. This system is composed of several integral parts, including the cutter, length adjuster, overrunning clutch, and welding wire adjustment, eac
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Focuses on the complete production line of plastic packaging and printing machinery R&D and manufacturing
Relying on innovative technology and rich experience, we have developed paper bag production line, high performance degradable plastic bag production line, green ink printing press production line and various non-woven bag, etc. With continuous r&d investment and experience accumulation, the products of platinum products have been widely recognized by users at home and abroad.



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