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A Comprehensive Guide to Operating the Slitting Machine

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A Comprehensive Guide to Operating the Slitting Machine

The slitting machine stands as a crucial mechanical device in various industries, adept at transforming wide rolls of paper, mica tape, or film into multiple narrow-width materials. Its applications in papermaking, wire and cable, mica tape production, and printing and packaging sectors are indispensable. Understanding the procedure of the slitting machine is essential for optimizing its performance and efficiency.


The initiation of the slitting machine involves a series of checks to ensure the electrical and hydraulic systems are stable. This includes turning on the electrical isolation switch, activating the emergency stop and ready-to-run functions, and verifying the correct voltage and current. The hydraulic system's power switch is engaged, and the oil level and pressure are confirmed. Lastly, the pneumatic shut-off valve is opened to check the air pressure.

Set Control

Before operation, settings must align with the material specifications outlined in the slitting schedule. This involves selecting the appropriate slitting menu, loading the relevant BOPP membrane dossier, and configuring the winding dimensions. The correct winding station is chosen, and the machine is prepared with the appropriate pressure rollers and paper cores.

Feeding, Threading, and Film Joining

Loading the parent roll onto the slitting machine follows, with careful adherence to operational rules and film threading. When changing reels, a vacuum film connection table is used to ensure a seamless and precise film join.


The slitting machine's specifications are finalized, and the machine is readied for operation. All personnel must vacate the machine, and the anti-static bars are set to auto. The machine commences with the press of a button.

Slitting Control

During operation, vigilant monitoring of the slitting process is necessary. Adjustments to the slitting speed, unwinding tension, and other parameters are made to ensure optimal slitting quality.


Upon completion of the slitting process, the film is carefully unloaded, and the machine is prepared for the next cycle. Automatic stops and emergency measures are in place to ensure safety.

Bosen's slitting machines are designed with precision and safety at the forefront. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the meticulous operation procedures of our equipment. For those seeking advanced slitting solutions, Bosen is the partner of choice. Engage with us to enhance your production capabilities and experience the Bosen advantage.

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