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Evolution and Innovation: The Slitting and Rewinding Machine's Journey

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Evolution and Innovation: The Slitting and Rewinding Machine's Journey

The central part of the slitting and rewinding machine is supplied with the most shaft for processing paper tubes. The front of the most shaft is mounted on the bottom with a group of bearings, and a block is put in within the middle of a group of bearings; a compression cylinder is put in close to the bottom, and therefore the support rod of the cylinder is put in. a group of support rod bearings is put in on the higher finish of the shaft to support the most shaft. therefore what is the event history? Let's take a glance next.

Development History

Slitting and rewinding machine, a pivotal piece of equipment in the processing of paper tubes and other materials, has undergone significant evolution. Its development history reflects the industry's progression from basic to high-tech solutions. Initially, the machine's speed limitations led to challenges such as high friction and temperature, impacting the life of the magnetic powder clutch. However, advancements in technology have introduced dual frequency conversion motors, ensuring precise control over magnetic powder friction, even as the winding material's diameter increases.

The traditional control system of the slitting and rewinding machine has transitioned from large motors driving the rewinding and unreeling shafts to the incorporation of magnetic powder clutches. These clutches are dynamic actuators that adjust transmitted force through changes in magnetic current, enabling step-less speed regulation and fine-tuning for high-speed sections and medium to small power systems. The machine's evolution has seen it advance from single-motor to dual- and triple-motor control systems, enhancing stability and economy at higher speeds.

Its main feature lies in its magnetic powder clutch, which acts as a resistance device, controlled by the system to regulate the resistance through DC voltage output. Its passive nature allows for precise tension management. The machine's versatility is evident in its application across paper product machinery, such as paper slitting machines, and metal process machinery, including strip, copper sheet, and stainless-steel slitting machines.


  1. Centralized panel operation and microcircuit management for streamlined control.

  2. Panel functions include spindle speed adjustment, rewinding length setting, unwinding tension adjustment, rewinding tension setting, and start/stop capabilities.

  3. The slitting machine cutter utilizes upper and lower spherical knives, with the lower wedge being consistently replaced to accommodate different cutting widths, ensuring high-quality cutting.

Bosen's slitting and rewinding machine represents the pinnacle of technological innovation and efficiency in material processing. With a history of continuous improvement and a commitment to excellence, Bosen offers machines that are not only reliable but also at the forefront of industry standards. Join us in shaping the future of material processing with our advanced machinery.

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